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Buy OSGPlay Betting exchange script paypal A complete open source, pleasant and understandable betting exchange script based on betfair odds data.

Unencrypted files, which means there are no restrictions, and you can create an unlimited number of betting exchange sites, an unlimited number of points, administrators, subadministrators
manage funds, players the way you like.
You can also manage the design, logo and other things related to the user interface, 100% free of charge, as you wish.

The system is built on php using mysql and with an extended super admin back office that will cover everything you need.

We offer a free installation of the betting exchange script on your server after purchase.

PLEASE note that in order for the betting exchange script to work correctly and display the coefficients, you need to get a Betfair exchange key.

From the betting exchange platform, you can fully manage your own online betting exchange scripts website with full control and profit.

After purchase, you will get instant download access to the entire system of betting exchange scripts, along with documents and support.

Requires a vps server, centos or ubuntu.

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