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  • 1095 casino games
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  • Open source code
  • Goldsvet casino engine
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Ninja Casino Script

Ninja casino 2.0 Casino Script Full Source includes all the stock 1095 Goldsvet casino games and we also added more API based games with live casino dealer, multiple new game providers, Pragmatic play, Netent and other highly popular casino providers for you to maximize the  casino games for you players.

Take a look at the demo and be amazed with the new games, structure and immagina this full casino setup with your own logo and full control. Just like the traditional Casino you are able to control all games, winnings and losses, you are also able to control players, deposits, manage players, restrictions, bonuses, free spins and more, please remember, only with us you will have free lifetime updates on this setup, we built it, no other website who might claim they will sell you the same script has it.

Buy Ninja Casino Goldsvet Online Casino Script

You can use this script online and offline. The online version is the usual online casino you know. If you use it this way, you can receive payments in crypto. You have the option to use it offline. In this option, payments are made by hand.

Server requirements

  1. Dedicated/VDS/VPS/Cloud (not shared hosting)
  2. OS: Linux Ubuntu 20 or 22
  3. Disk: min 180 GB+ (SSD is recommended but not mandatory)
  4. Bandwith: 1 TB+

Ninja Casino Script

Installation procedures

  1. We do the installation on the same day during working hours.
  2. You can get a server before or after purchasing the script.
  3. Create or Buy a server with in the above mentioned requirements.
  4. When your server is ready, send us the information without taking any action on it.
  5. Your server provider will give you IP and Login info (root).
  6. One domain address. The address where the script will run.
  7. Cloudflare account.
  8. Provide these informations in order or send with contact.
  9. We will set up your server.
  10. We will install the script you purchased.
  11. Then we will forward important information to you.
  12. If you are experiencing any confusion, we will support you at no extra cost.

Buy Goldsvet Script

You can easilly verify the script source code access by chatting with us on the demo website to ensure you are not being tricked to buy our script by anybody unauthorized.

Full open source code download access after payment
Free installation included.

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