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This is the premium casino script. You can use this script online and offline. The online version is the usual online casino that you know. If you use it this way, you can receive payments in cryptocurrency. You have the option to use it offline. In this case, payments are made manually.

Updated kernel 8.5, Laravel 9, fixed bugs. In addition, a crypto-payment system supporting 15 cryptocurrencies has been added.

Encoded using PHP and Laravel. You will get a completely open source code. You will have about 1100 slot machines.It includes dozens of gaming providers. Slot machines, board games, fish games, arcade games. All games can be played on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

This script contains many functions. It is built using the PHP language and the Laravel framework. It is sold open source. You can make improvements if you wish. Betsapi odds are used for sports betting. Betsapi is one of the largest betting sites in the world. Thus, you will be able to offer your players dozens of different sports and thousands of activities.

Includes live bets and pre-match bets. It includes dozens of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball, cricket, etc.

Players are offered slot machines from dozens of different providers. It uses 1100 slot machines. It includes online slots, fish games, board games and arcade games. All games are compatible with mobile and desktop devices

Specially designed 1win design.

Extended administration panel.

Online payments or cash payments.

Crypto payments.

Ease of use.

Added cryptocurrency payment via coinpayments/btcserver. Fixed RTP for stable operation.

User hierarchy: Administrator > Agent > Distributor > Manager (Store owners) > Cashier > Player

Bonuses, Jackpots, SMS, security are included in the price.

Popular interface design.

Advanced content management system.

Free installation of this product is included in the price.
Server Requirements

Dedicated/VDS/VPS/Cloud (not shared hosting)
OPERATING System: Linux Ubuntu 20 or 22
Disk: minimum 180 GB+ (recommended to use SSD, but not required)
Bandwidth: 1 TB+
Installation procedures

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