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Buy Orion Stars Fish Slot Casino Script Instant Download, Orion Stars online fish Casino script, slot game casino script. Sweepstake platform script with 1000+ games.

Script language is PHP Laravel + Nodejs. Completely open source and downloadable.

Fish games, table games, card games, blackjack, poker, roulette, slot games 1000 games in total are included. Orion Stars theme gives pleasure to the players with its magnificent design.

Tablet, mobile and desktop full compatible.

Orion Stars Fish Slot Casino Script full source

In line with the requests from some of our customers, a deposit and withdrawal section with cryptocurrency has been added. In this way, your players can make online payments. And they can withdraw money. (The deposit is automatically confirmed. Withdrawal requests must be manually approved by the administrator.)

We can create Android and iOS application. (Extra)

With the accounting module, you can account for users and distributors

User hierarchy Admin -> Manager -> Distributor (Shop owners) -> Agent -> Player

Supports multiple currencies. English and Spanish language pack included. If you want to add a different language, you can consult us.

The Daily Wheel of Fortune bonus is active. Your players can spin the wheel of fortune every 8 hours.

It comes with a specially designed new management panel.

Advanced content management system. And dozens of features are ready for you to use.

Give your players a special casino experience with the Orion Stars theme.

Free consultation for 1 month.


Free installation included for this product.

Server requirements

  1. Dedicated/VDS/VPS/Cloud (not shared hosting)
  2. OS: Linux Ubuntu 20 or 22
  3. Disk: min 180 GB+ (SSD is recommended but not mandatory)
  4. Bandwith: 1 TB+

Installation procedures

  1. We do the installation on the same day during working hours.
  2. You can get a server before or after purchasing the script.
  3. Create or Buy a server with in the above mentioned requirements.
  4. When your server is ready, send us the information without taking any action on it.
  5. Your server provider will give you IP and Login info (root).
  6. One domain address. The address where the script will run.
  7. Cloudflare account.
  8. Provide these informations in order or send with contact.
  9. We will set up your server.
  10. We will install the script you purchased.
  11. Then we will forward important information to you.
  12. If you are experiencing any confusion, you can get support from us..
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